Zodiac Signs: How does your zodiac sign affect your communication with your horse?

I believe our zodiac sign truly does tell a lot about us.
Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 9.50.58 AM.png 

Being born in late June, I am cancer. 

Cancers are generally emotional, passionate and intuitive. Cancers do NOT like mind games. They much rather say how they feel and be with people they prefer to be with, instead of small talking. Cancers are quick to love and demand the same passionate and true love in return. Cancers are INCREDIBLY loyal. This can be a flaw. Cancers are described as “happy living in the realm of imagination”.
All of these things that successfully define cancer could not more describe myself and how I function. I truly embody my zodiac sign. 

When I interact with my horses, I think I have a predisposed base to start with, as embodying this sign, my heart is on my sleeve. I am incredibly passionate. I do not put a wall up and attempt to “sell” my horses anything. They see my intentions–they see right through me.

 I can read the emotions of almost every conversation and I know almost exactly how it will play out. This is true for my herd. Aside from my herd’s physical body language, I am connected to their true emotions.

I know when my horses are feeling adventurous… inquisitive… playful…agitated…tired…loving…bored…hungry. I always take this into account when interacting with them. You will never catch me disrespecting their emotions for my own agenda. This is a reason I believe my connection with the herd is so strong. They know that it is ok to say, “no”.

In being incredibly loyal, I NEVER give up on horses. I never turn my back on them. Additionally, I am NEVER quick to anger with them in the rare case of miscommunication. Due to this, I am able to maintain my true healthy relationships with my herd. This promotes mutual respect among all.

What is your zodiac sign and how do you think it affects your relationship with your horse(s)?

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