Story of Daenerys

Gorgeous photograph of Daenerys taken courtesy of S.O.F.E.

Before I get into more information on her and her background, I wanted to take this time to express how blessed I am to now personally own two straight Egyptian Arabians… Even more astonishing is that this well-bred horse, was also a victim of abuse, much like my Drogo. While I do not wish to discuss the details of what had happened that made Drogo experience abuse, I do wish to discuss the life this mare had before she was rescued.


Her Backstory

Unfortunately, this mare came from a farm that went terribly wrong. In fact, the farm made headlines for the stomach-turning mistreatment to their horses and dogs on the property.


“ Two of the 19 horses Central Virginia Horse Rescue received were Naima and Pandora who were malnourished and suffered from significant neglect. They had chemicals burns over the majority of their body which resulted in giant open sores. Their sores were infected and covered in maggots.”

Chemical burns, which were a result of mistreatment, have left marks on the backs of many of the horses…in particular Daenerys and her sister Pandora.

What I find so shocking is that these horses are well bred and these humans participated heavily in the Arabian breeding and showing world.

The day my loving boyfriend, his friend (who doubles as our incredible transporter), and I went to pick her up!

The meaning behind her name

“The next time you raise a hand to me will be the last time you have hands.” -Daenerys Targaryen

Whether you are Game of Thrones fan or not, that quote will probably strike you as impactful. For me, it is one of my favorite quotes of all time. Looking into this mare’s past, I think Daenerys fitting. In addition to the name Daenerys coordinating perfectly with the name Drogo, she has a beautiful white flowing mane and tail. That name was meant for her.

Daenerys and I at our first meeting and test ride!

The reasoning behind a second horse

Drogo (LEFT) and Daenerys (RIGHT)

As many of you know, Drogo is my first horse. He is the one that I agreed to own before I could even touch him consistently, as he was incredibly skittish from his past. He has conquered great leaps and bounds and I am constantly impressed with his progression and his growing ability to trust humans, despite how they have treated him in the past. He is only four, but experienced trauma for the years I did NOT have him, so he is essentially making up for lost time.

That being said, I understand Drogo’s anxiety that he still carries with him… anxiety that was completely inflicted on him due to no fault of his own. While I continue to work with him daily, multiple times out of the day, I still wish to give him space and the time he needs to be completely comfortable. What I mean is, I have gotten him to the point where he is completely comfortable being tacked up, WITH HIS STIRRUPS DOWN, and lunged in walk-trot-canter with voice command. Additionally, he knows numerous liberty tricks. However, even though I have sat on him, I have felt just how tense and uncomfortable he is. If Drogo were anywhere else where his longevity on the property was determined on his rideability, the human would force him through it and he would be ridden by now. However, Drogo’s worth to me is more than his rideability. He is my friend. This is why I am determined to take the time he needs and only proceed when he is comfortable. I know he will be such a noble and brave riding horse one day…when he is ready! I love him.

That being said, I considered a second horse. I have the financial ability to do so and I know any horse I did take on would be loved wholeheartedly for the rest of his/her life.

I have found that Arabian horses people either incredibly love or strongly dislike. Seeing as though I am someone who loves them dearly, I thought it was appropriate for my second horse to be an Arabian. I found this horse through equinenow, which is a site used to buy and sell horses. However, this horse was listed through a shelter, which I thought was INCREDIBLE.

The first night my sweet angels were tucked in together! Drogo pictured left, Daenerys pictured right.

Would I recommend the rescue she came from (S.O.F.E.) ?

110% ABSOLUTELY. Not only was I background checked by means of checking with my vet, farrier, and place of residence, but  S.O.F.E. made sure she and I were a good fit by setting aside a time to meet when everyone was available. What stood out to me was their staff. They had the trainers involved in her upbringing and the lady responsible for the organization there when I physically visited her, which differed to that of other organizations where it was just one individual. This aspect showed me just how much they care about each individual horse.  Additionally, they were incredibly fair and honest in the entire adoption process. They were very knowledgeable of her backstory and were honest in terms of how green she is (considering she is 11-15 but only began under saddle in the past year or so), her age, and quirks. When I asked for her teeth to be floated and her Coggins to be updated, they did not bat an eye and had those tasks completed before I brought her home. They made it possible to rescue a second horse while having the complete peace of mind in knowing I was bringing home an animal that was fully vetted.


Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 1.13.48 AM




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