Lush Products Worth the Money

adore products from Lush. No, this is not sponsored (although I wish it was).

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Lush is against animal testing, they are handmade products made in small batches, ethically made, and vegetarian. What is there not to love about their products?

Today I want to give you guys essential products from Lush that I believe is actually worth my money and why. Additionally, I want to show that Lush has SO much more to offer than bath bombs (even though I know they are pleasing)



Ocean Salt-Face and Body Scrub

When I first discovered Ocean Salt, I was in a Lush store in the mall. I noticed a sign that was of a quote saying something along the lines of, “I would give up coffee for this stuff”. That bold statement was enough for me to get a tub and try it out for myself. This product is truly amazing. It exfoliates your skin anywhere, yet keeps your skin moisturized. My tip on this product is using minimal amounts, even though you will be tempted to use gobs. This keeps you using the product longer, and the cost down.


D’FLUFF-Strawberry Shaving Soap

I have always used bar soap when shaving, and truly never felt the need to venture to something different until my sister suggested this product. I am sure happy she did! While I would consider this product not necissarily an essential, it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Also, the product itself is not too expensive and lasts a decent amount of time.


CHRISTINGLE-Body Conditioner

This body conditioner is seasonal and certainly worth purchasing when it is in season! It feels unbelievably refreshing on the skin and smells amazing. Much like the feeling I get from the product mentioned earlier, Ocean Salt, this product makes me excited to get home and get in the shower!


SNOW FAIRY-Body Conditioner

This body conditioner is another favorite of mine. In my opinion, it is more conditioning and has a sweeter fragrance when compared to Christingle (another favorite of mine). This scent is one I get in the body gel and body conditioner and stock up to make it to the next year!



This is a mask I have only used on my face, so I can not speak on behalf of how well it works for your entire body. However, this mask works WONDERFUL when you have a blemish on your face that you want to get rid of. This mask and tea tree oil have been my saving grace regarding zits.


REHABShampoo AND VeganeseConditioner

Out of all of the Lush products I use, these are my most essential. This shampoo and conditioner combination is my go to. I am someone who had BEAUTIFUL hair in elementary school. Seriously. My school teacher confronted my mom and asked her what she did to my hair to make it so shiny and colorful, and it was just the way my hair naturally was. Since then, I have unfortunately neglected and ruined my hair. I used hot styling tools without protection. I have bleached it to the point of being white, dyed it black, then back to blonde. I have worn tight bands and pins in my hair for hours at a time. I mean really damaged hair. This shampoo and conditioner are THE BEST. My hair has been dramatically transformed since I started to use this shampoo and conditioner.



I have already mentioned my love for Snow Fairy in this article so I will skip over that product review. As far as Rose Jam goes, it is also incredible. However, if I had to choose between the two, I would definitely choose Rose Jam. The scent is sweet but not as delicate as that of Snow Fairy. Shower gel from Lush I find is perfect to shave with as well, so if you are debating after reading this article between trying a shower gel or a shaving cream such as D’FLUFF, I would probably say to start with a shower gel. If you are someone who likes indulgent scents, Rose Jam is for you!




This may shock you, but I actually find Lush gift boxes wonderful gifts for your friends and family. When you open the box, the smell hits you before you can even see what is inside. The packaging is flashy, put together, and themed to the box you choose. This box was a gift from one of my best friends. While I would NOT consider gift boxes essential to buy for yourself, I do think that they are an essential gift for your friend or family member that loves Lush!


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